uncomfortable conversations with your Goddess.

A little explanation is in order so people don’t get the wrong idea, or think this is weird. I worship the Greek Goddess of the hunt Artemis (amongst others but for the sake of this post Artemis is the Goddess who is important.) For some time I have been seeking some one, who is Pagan, or at very least tolerant of my Paganism and going to treat it with the same respect I do; to hunt me. Now mind you I’m not talking with a bow and arrow, or a rifle or any of that. To the outsider in truth it would most likely resemble an adult version of hide and go seek. Some people (the non pagans among your ranks mostly) may ask what purpose does being hunted by a female friend serve for me. Simply speaking it is a way to connect with that particular Goddess. Just as when I start working a forge I’ll be connecting with Hephaestus, or when I strategist, do arts, and protect those who can’t stand up for them selves I’m connecting with Athena. Well to be hunted is how I connect with Artemis. It’s sort of like my version of getting on my knees and having a silent conversation with an unseen astral person.

The tricky part is finding just the right person to help me with that particular religious connection. This may sound easy but it’s more then just finding some one to run around the woods chasing after me. It has to be a genuine hunt. I have to allow my self to become my most vulnerable to her, Then once captured I am taken to a safe place to be held in a symbolic forcing me to face my insecurities knowing that some one willing to speak for my Goddess has my back. And when I say speaking for my Goddess,  mean in the entirety of this religious purification I am seeing that person as the embodiment and personification of Artemis.   This means she has to know this, understand it, and respect it, because it is sacred to me.

A little while ago I found one person who fit the bill. She is pagan, she is extremely knowledgeable and I trust her completely. So some what tentatively I approached her and asked her if she would consider the undertaking of occasionally helping me with this endeavor. For completely understandable reasons she turned me down (conflict of deity homage issues.)

A week has gone by with out incident. How ever last night as I slept I was approached by Artemis. Normally she’s kind of vague about her intent, but in this one she made no qualms about it. She was upset with me. Not to the point that I’d lost her favor, more like.. scolding disappointed mom voice upset. I was unintentionally very rude to my friend because she would have been in violation to another cultures hunting Goddess… who would have been quite unhappy she was invoking another entity. I got a very strict ‘never do that again.’ I was further informed that if I ever do accomplish becoming my friends prey, that I would do so honoring her deity of choice, as a sign of respect for she who is hunting me. Should my friend read this I want to apologies to her with out revealing too much of her identity. I did not mean to be so rude

About redtiebugler

I am just your standard A-typical salt of the earth Pagan. I enjoy horse back riding, camping, hiking, kayaking, day trips to Hell (it's a real place in Michigan, and yes it freezes over on a wintrily basis.
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