I know I worship them and all but….

Last night I had an experience that made me question if it would kill the Greek Gods to use an ode of subtlety, or at least be unsubtle in a way that would not bring me near financial ruin, and far too closer to meeting Lord Hades in person then I’d personally prefer this early in my life. Hermes (the God I prey to when I travel to see me safely to the place I’m going) last night decided to be less then subtle about making sure I learn a lesson about how scary the world out side of the window is. He threw me off the road and down a steep hill, and was good enough to stop short of smashing me against a tree in a deep water hole. I escaped unharmed, the right people came across me in a way that made the process relatively painless. The largest harm that came of it was mental. The willingness to step out side my door much less drive a two thousand pound bullet (much less an 80,000 pound one) is gone. I’m still going to try or the nightmares may never go away. One was so vivid that for what seemed like hours I was convinced I was laying in a field impaled by a fence post or tree amidst crash debris watching helplessly as the men and women silhouetted by flashing lights tried to figure out how to save me, and that making it thru the ordeal unharmed, and coming home to my own bed safely and talking to my friends again was all just an injury induced hallucination

About redtiebugler

I am just your standard A-typical salt of the earth Pagan. I enjoy horse back riding, camping, hiking, kayaking, day trips to Hell (it's a real place in Michigan, and yes it freezes over on a wintrily basis.
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